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Truck AC Parts offers a full range of AC Components for all your Truck AC and Bus AC needs. If you need an Truck AC Blower Motor, AC Compressor, AC Clutch, AC Condenser, AC Evaporator, AC Drier, Heater Core, AC Expansion Valve, AC Pressure Switch or even an AC Blower Motor Resistor, is your new source for AC Components. has the top-shelf suppliers of Bus and Truck AC Components to help you quickly solve your Truck AC issues. We can also supply a full range of Bus AC Components, as well. We understand that if your Truck AC or Bus AC is down, so is your business. Waiting weeks for a new AC Drier, AC Expansion Valve, AC Clutch, or AC Pressure Switch isn’t acceptable when it’s hot. If you have Bus AC issues in the scorching heat, everybody is unhappy.

Truck Heater and Bus Heater problems aren’t OK when your livelihood is on the line. can quickly supply the parts for your next Bus Heater or Truck Heater repair. If you’re facing a Truck Heater Core replacement or other Truck Heater problem, such as a faulty Heater Blower Motor or Blower Motor Resistor, let us help. We can supply the Truck Heater and Bus Heater parts you need.

AC Blower Motor

Whether you need a single-shaft AC Blower Motor, a double shaft AC Blower Motor or a full Blower Assembly, we have what you need for your Truck or Bus AC blower. Even if you’re just looking for a Blower Motor Resistor to fix the problem, we can help.

AC Compressor

When you need an AC Compressor you want a brand you can trust. We can supply Sanden, York, Denso, Alpha and other AC Compressor brands. If you need a replacement AC Clutch, we can supply that, as well. Sometimes replacing the AC Clutch is all it takes to get you back in business. We offer Truck AC Clutch products from the finest AC Compressor suppliers.

AC Condenser

When you need a universal or OEM replacement AC Condenser for your Truck AC or Bus AC, we can provide it. From a parallel flow AC Condenser to serpentine or tube and fin design, we can supply the drop-in replacement AC Condenser you need from AC Condenser manufacturers such as Valeo, Delphi, and Visteon.

AC Evaporator

Every AC Evaporator we sell meets current QS 9000/9001 standards. Our models include aluminum tube and fin, serpentine and plate fin designs from Maxair, Coolstar, Manzai, Delphi, Visteon, and Valeo.

AC Drier

If your Truck or Bus AC repair calls for a new AC Drier or accumulator, you can count on We offer the very best OEM-specified aluminum and steel AC Drier products from manufacturers like Evapin, Parker, ATCO, and Fujikoke. When you need an AC Drier, we’re your AC Drier source.

Heater Core

In cold weather it critical is for your Truck Heater Core to be in good working order. When you’re facing a Heater Core replacement situation you can turn to to get you the Heater Core you need.

AC Components

Whether you need a Thermostatic AC Expansion Valve or a Block AC Expansion Valve, we have the AC Expansion Valve you need. We also offer standard AC Pressure Switch, binary AC Pressure Switch and trinary AC Pressure Switch options, with and without leads. If you need a Blower Motor Resistor, AC Clutch or AC Hose Fittings, we can supply you the Bus and Truck AC Components to fit your need.

Having trouble finding the AC Pressure Switch, AC Expansion Valve, AC Drier, Heater Core, or other AC Components you need? Send us an e-mail or give us a call.


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